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Pray To The Ceiling Fan

pray to your precious God
when times are good
you better thank Him
or He'll turn the tide
and when times are tough
you can cry in His arms
but you better not second-guess Him
because He always knows what's best

a tragic crime, a loss of life
tears are shed, peace is shattered
you offer advice, saying Lord,
we donít always understand your ways
we don't always understand your ways
we don't always understand your ways

but we accept them
because our belief in You
is founded upon the idea
that You are greater than us

we have no say, only the Word of God
to be accepted without debate

as the preacher gives a one-sided sermon
a new army of angels is enlisted
nobody told you demons are human, too
you wouldn't believe it, anyway

suffer to live a life of purity
cleanse yourself of your sins
for indulgence is the enemy
you are a servant of God, not yourself

but don't expect me to march along
under the same banner as you
your God might not tolerate my beliefs
but at least my God acknowledges yours

don't speak to me of perseverance
don't speak to me of spiritual strength
the moment you give in to God
you've given up the fight

go ahead, put God in the ring
let Him live your life for you
you owe it to Him, for all He's done
He's in charge of it all anyway

but I don't wanna hear you complainin'
when life knocks you down
chases you into the corner
it's all part of God's plan, isn't it?

and if you have so much trust in God
then either you believe that He'll pull you through
or that if He doesn't
then it's for the better good

but what's the point
if you can't make that decision for yourself?
what's the point of even fighting
if it's not your sole will that fuels you?

I don't wanna hear about fools
fighting for the glory of some being
that doesn't even exist
in this direct plane of reality

I wanna hear about heroes
fighting for people that I know
and making progress that I can see
proving the worth of humanity

not the grace of their God
only to secure a seat in Heaven
next to His gilded throne
to live eternity as a soulless slave

I don't believe in God
and I don't believe in the afterlife
I believe in humanity
and I believe in this life

Lord, we don't always understand your ways
but I sure as hell understand my own