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General Relativity Blues

despite the energy I expend
the work remains constant
this time-independent symmetry
wears down my potential
the associated killing vector
leaves me feeling null and light

my eyes begin to redshift
the variables all look equivalent
its becoming harder to differentiate
the letters from the numbers

I was in the right frame of mind
but now I've lost my inertia
as I gaze into infinity
my grade approaches zero

the night passes in a time-like fashion
while my thoughts are space-like scattered
I've worked these problems now
for what feels like a proper time interval

relatively frustrated
massively tired
generally hopeless
especially uninspired

I can't feel the gravity of my situation
I'm lost in a free-fall
wishing only to accelerate my head
into the curvature of my pillow

my watch is running slow
but as I make my way home
the path refuses to contract
no matter how I integrate my steps

I thrust myself through the door
attracted only to my dreams
as I collapse into bed
I begin to emit z-radiation