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Sitting On Top of the World

I walk a world where shadows stroll past
but when I close my eyes, they transform into dreams
I see beauty and light and warmth and peace
but when I open my eyes the wind whips my face
and the rain falls cold from a grey sky
splattering the brown earth beneath my weary feet

when I dream I can fly and I can have it all
but today my wings are gripped by fear
in the distance there's a shining star
but the light extinguishes in a fit of spite
I held your hand and led you to the door to ecstasy
why did you walk away?

I thought I had the key but now the way is blocked
I'm stuck in here but I have the light
but noone wants to bask in its glow
attached to chains, draped in the cloak of darkness
they spite my search because they've lost the will
and despair emanates, reaching out to clutch at the light

they laugh and they work and they earn and they save
but they're not getting what they really want
but the mind adapts and the will softens
and the master becomes the slave
and now on and on I walk, away from this place
in constant search of another chance