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That's The Blues

listen, when you've got a few good things goin'
but you just can't get outta the hole
baby, that's the blues

let me tell ya, I've seen people laughin' all the time
talkin' like the world's all full of smiles
aw, but that ain't the blues

now when you're tryin' to make a big break
but the whole wide world is down on you
baby, that's the blues

ya know, some people just seem to have it all
like they've never seen a cloudy day
aw, an' that ain't the blues

but when you're up all night thinkin' of some girl
then you pass her in the hallway and she don't even look at you
baby, that's the blues

lord, then you see her with your best friend
and everything's just goin' their way
aw, that ain't the blues
baby, this is the blues

yeah, that's the blues