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The Voyage of Haldir and Egon

the rain turned to ash, the earth began to shake
the smoke climbed to the sky, but the people did not wake
the wind brought no warning, when the wall of fire arrived
the sun was clouded with sulfur, not a soul survived

homes turned to ovens, the village was turned to stone
a warrior and a shaman, set out to learn the unknown
Haldir - grab your spear, Egon - call your ghost
tonight you will advance, the great mountain will be your host

the village was consumed, in fire and molten rock
the people had no time to run, they realized with shock
Haldir and Egon, climbed up towards the peak
the challenge was clear, against the volcano they were too weak

Haldir speared the mountain, lava shot up all around
Egon called the spirits, but the dead were stuck below the ground
the villagers prayed daily, they lived their lives in peace
but the mountain's wrath took them, now they will have no release