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I might say it's funny but I really find it mad
that when you fall in the gutter, people wanna yell at you
and ask you how you let yourself fall
instead of reaching out to help you back up

but I know it's as much my fault as anyone else's
it's not easy to help to begin with
and I'm not making it any easier
even though it's not intentional

and that's just my reality

I had a lot of promise - I know I did
and I could have been successful
but I was distracted by ideals and principles
and I let the darkness take me

but I learned something, and for me that's a huge step
even though it might mean little to anyone else
because it still doesn't solve the problems I had in the first place

but right now it's all I've got and I've got to follow it
because there's nothing else I believe in

but even if principles were all I had to drive me
then still that would be alright
but there are certain things I can't deny
certain facets of my nature that don't go away
no matter how much I curse them
and they keep me from moving ahead