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August 18, 2002

I hope, I dream,
I imagine times that never were,
things that have never been.

I curse time,
for it has taken from me
the blissful world of my memories:

A world that never was,
a world that never will be.

I sit, I think,
I regret choices and paths that have led to the present:
A world without possibility for the realization of my dreams.

I sit, I think,
I hope, I dream,
I imagine things that are not, and regret having made them so.

I scorn my past and despise my present,
I'd rather live in a world of dreams:
A world where everything is possible,

A world ruled by hope,
where dreams come true
and imagination becomes reality,

Not a world that is,
nor a world that has been,
but a world that is yet to be.

This is the world in which I live,
the world of my dreams,
a world where happiness reigns supreme.

This world...
I call...
the future!