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Rock One Out

now, you might be in an office, working for the man
earning that check that'll feed your family
or you might be a vagabond, a wanderer by trade
always in search of a decent break
hell, you might even be royalty, sitting in your gilded palace
with riches beyond your wildest dreams
but it don't matter who you are
sooner or later, you'll feel the need
because it's within us all
no matter what kind of music you play
country, folk, or blues
punk, metal, or grunge
every once in awhile
you'll begin to feel it
when something deep inside you begins to stir
you start to feel a little anxious
you're lookin' around, wonderin' if anybody else is feelin' it, too
you know they are
because it's the feeling you get when you pick up an electric guitar
when you caress the gentle curves while the strap holds you tight
when you plug it into a Marshall amplifier and hear the buzz
you shape your fingers into a chord and depress those metal strings
and you slowly rake your pick against those strings
the time has come, the time is now
you got your best friend behind the drum set
and your good old buddy's playing the bass
you step up to the microphone, ready to wail
cause the feeling's upon you, and you don't want to resist
later you'll relax and have a cool drink
chill with your closest lady friend
but right now, you've got some energy
and you just gotta rock one out