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I asked you to give your love to me,
you showed me what is and what should never be

All the effort, all it ever got us, was alone together
Baby, when I look at you, there's a pain deep down in my soul
Have you ever wanted something so bad, you tremble in pain?
You are all I need, but you don't want me
You were always like a dream to me, flying high above reality
You sat there in front of me, but you were so far away
You touched me so, but I could not touch you
All my eyes could see was you, but you looked away
You gave me a chance, but you left me hanging
Too kind to push me away, too distant to let me in
You could see it in my eyes, how much I needed you
It must have hurt, forcing yourself to put me in pain
I watched you with admiration
You were everything to me
Now it hurts to look at you
So I turn my head and walk on by, the way you've always done
It's not that I don't love you, baby I do
But it hurts so much, I have to walk away
I hate you because I love you
I'm sorry it has to be this way