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how do you describe a feeling?
what does ecstasy sound like?

how do you explain the taste of a mint almond kiss?

when the meaning of an experience yields a sensation that transcends the physical details

what words can you use?
what notes can you play?

how do you pass on a feeling that is so complex, that defies explanation?

would a poem do?
how about a symphony?

but that experience is still missing

I don't want to tell you about it, I want to give it to you
I want you to feel it like I feel it

but I'll never know what you feel
the most important part is being lost


what does it mean to write a song?

I don't think I'm trying to write a song
I'm trying to write a feeling
and it's not coming through

communication just seems to me, so...inefficient

one person can be so full of joy and beauty
and yet their life can be constant horror

because they cannot show anyone else the light
the light that surrounds us

how can I point to something that doesn't exist in time or space?

what good is freedom, if it's chained down?
what good is love, if it's never returned?

what good is life, if you haven't lived?