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The Grand Illusion (or Rag on Religion)

you're surrounded by people, but you're all alone
everybody is different, but deep down they're all the same
what is heaven and what is hell?
is heaven all pleasure?
if heaven is pleasure, then is that not sin?
if heaven is restraint, then is that not hell?
what is the point of heaven if it is the realization of a state within which you do not belong?
chastity, purity, benevolence, judgement
heaven is a prison, and to escape is to be sent to hell
but if hell is pain and retribution
then the overworld is another establishment
built upon specific values you may or may not agree with
but if this is true, then heaven is not a personal thing
I believe heaven - and hell - is a personal thing
and religion has nothing to do with it
religion is a chain and a mask and a mold
it has nothing intrinsically to do with spirituality
spirituality is personal, individual
how can you tell me what it is good for me to believe?
you're not saving me, you're destroying me!
let me be me, your god is no more important than mine