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Love Ramble

All I want, all I need, is to be with you
but you wanted, you needed, a little bit more
as I sit here alone, I just want to be sitting next to you
cause I'm feeling as if I'm all alone

but if you were beside me now, I don't know
I don't know what I'd talk about with you
whatever it is, I wouldn't care, because that's not important
I don't need the conversation, I just need you

I don't want to spoil my feelings with words
what's said is permanent, and feelings are changing
is it not enough to know that you are not alone
when the liar's tongue can be stilled by a kiss

you must believe, I'd give you everything you desire
but the world is not mine to give
dreams are meant to be pursued, not lived
it's up to you to come to terms with your own life

so many people think they'd be better off
walking alone when they can't find the leader
but what's wrong with a little push from behind
you've only to prove it to yourself

now soft the rain falls, and I'm happy when I'm sad
but I still feel a little empty, and partly mad
now hard the wind blows, pushing through the trees
and a little piece inside of me wants to float away

every day a new rain falls, but the same wind blows
no matter where I go, I can't leave you behind
but it feels good to forget, forget the pain
yet I still want to remember, remember your name

though I've already forgotten, forgotten in time
and I can't see your face, anymore in my mind
I can still feel you, traces you've left on my soul
and I'll still cherish them, after the days have grown old