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Running In Circles

feeling alone again
with nothin' better to do
than wonder what I'll ever do

I could watch a movie with myself
or teach myself a new lick
but where's the fun in that?

what else could I do?
so I took a walk out in the dark
strolled on down that road

I knew where I was headed
to sit down by the river and cry
and watch my tears wash away

thinkin' about her, and that pretty girl
wonder what she's up to
certainly havin' a blast

in a room full of friends
inhibition jammed at the door
laughin' about nothin' at all

but I wasn't invited
and I've got nowhere to be
and they don't care anyway

I don't know what to do
so I'll go down by the river and cry
but my tears are all washed away

runnin' in circles again
tellin' myself it can't be helped
every step forward is two steps below

I'm headin' down by the river
but I ain't in the mood to cry
I clutch at the darkness and wonder why

I turn myself around
and climb the many stairs
I see her face in that place

but she don't see me
not like she ever has
so I just sit there and die

when I'm done bein' dead
I pick myself up and walk away
didn't get what I came for anyway

I ain't goin' to the river this time
so I'll lie in bed and cry
but my tears are bound to soak me dry