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Thank You, Good Night

her eyes, deep as the sea
grey as the misty mountaintops
her hair, flowing in soft waves
gold as the shining sun
her skin, paler than the full moon
equal to its silky radiance
her figure, tall and slender
swaying freely in the breeze

she is the fog at the tip of my fingers
coming no closer though I advance
she is the reflection in a still pond
disturbed by the slightest touch
she is the brilliant flash of lightning
no sooner noticed than is gone
she is the cold and delicate snowflake
I watch vanish from my warm hand

I feel in her a fatal attraction
her siren's song an irresistible distraction
I see in her everything I desire
thinking only together could we get any higher
my heart calls out, but my voice disassembles
my soul stands straight, while my steady hand trembles
I offer my love, becoming sickened of flight
in a calm voice she says, 'thank you, good night'