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Deep Purple

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Chevrolet Ampitheatre at Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA

Setlist (subject to corrections):

Deep Purple (9:30-11pm)
(Silver Tongue?)
Woman From Tokyo
Demon's Eye
Strange Kind of Woman
(Steve Morse Guitar Instrumental - Contact Lost?)
Keyboard Intro (incl. The Simpsons, Star Wars)
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star
Space Truckin'
Smoke On The Water


(Other possible songs played: I Got Your Number, Bananas)

My Concert Review

(?) It was a little rainy that day at the rib fest, a little wet, but there was plenty of room under the roof, even for the standing fans like myself, especially after we all crowded in for the main event. Deep Purple took the stage at 9:30 and opened their set with a song I didn't recognize. Then they played Woman From Tokyo, but I wasn't really into it yet. Maybe it's because the acoustics were a little bit muddy and the main riff as well as the vocals were somewhat mixed up with the rest of the sound, or maybe its because the song is such a local radio hit that I've labeled it too pop-y in my mind.

Either way, when the band kicked into Demon's Eye, I was starting to get into it. Then, when they played Strange Kind of Woman, I was with the band for the rest of the show. At the end of that song, Ian Gillan did a little screaming, but nothing compared to Made in Japan. Then, Ian introduced the next song, written by their current guitarist Steve Morse. It was a really cool song, very atmospheric, and parts of it vaguely reminded me of Santana's Europa. Definitely some cool guitar parts, and lots of bends and long long holds. I'd really like to hear that song again right now.

After showcasing their guitarist, the band put their keyboard player (Don Airey) in the spotlight for an impressive solo that included the theme from The Simpsons and the main theme from Star Wars, complete with a spaced out light show. The solo eventually kicked into Perfect Strangers, which hasn't been one of my favorite Deep Purple songs, but I've gained more respect for it now having heard it live. Then the band kicked into its Machine Head set, starting with a killer Highway Star with the band running at full power. Following was the awesome Space Truckin', with less of an opening than the live cut of it from Made in Japan, but still rockin'.

Then there was a short moment of quiet, and the lights went out, but the band wasn't ready to leave yet. They topped off the night with the classic Smoke on the Water, still as killer a riff as ever, complete with the audience taking over the chorus a few times - and we did a fine job, I must say. Then the band stepped off, but the crowd was still cheering, so they hit us back with one of my personal favorite Deep Purple tracks - Lazy, another number off of Machine Head. I was reeling when they kicked into their final song of the night, Hush, which was a ton of fun.

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