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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Uptown: The Bucknell Nightclub, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA


Mary J
Still Breathing
Drama Queen
Blue Jeans
Devil's Daughter
Hey Now
Loaded Gun

My Concert Review

(4/23/06) Wow, that was an incredible concert! I still can't believe it happened, but boy am I glad it did! There couldn't have been more than thirty people in the audience, and I had a nice spot right up in front on the left side, just in front of lead guitarist Nick Perri!

I knew it had to be true the moment I walked into Uptown and saw the Silvertide logo on the bass drum head up on the stage.

The Infernal Duo opened the show, and I think they were an appropriate warmup for the main act. Maybe a little amateur in comparison, but they definitely had the attitude, and that's what really counts. Curiously, the "Duo" had become a quartet, as they apparently added a drummer and keyboardist to the group for this performance. They played a few songs, some that sounded familiar from times I've seen the Duo play at 7th St. Cafe. They were good as usual, with some tasty electric solos. Not a hundred percent serious, but having fun and rocking out as much as is necessary.

Silvertide played a rocking set, with as much energy as you can expect from them. There were a lot of amusing antics as well. Walt stepped past the monitors and walked out into the audience quite a few times during the course of the show, and climbed up onto a stack of amps and sat up there for a short period. The entire band, but Walt (and Nick) especially, were energetic, literally bouncing off the walls of the stage, that is, if the stage had walls. Kevin threw a drum stick at one point, I'm not sure if he was throwing it out to the audience, but it looked like it hit either Mark or Brian, whether intended or not. In fact, Walt grabbed the drumstick and stuck it right down the front of his pants at one point. He hit the cymbals a couple of times as well.

Basically, it was what you get at a Silvertide show - a rockin' good time. The majority of the songs played were from the Show And Tell album, but four of the songs were new ones (Still Breathing, Drama Queen, Hey Now, Loaded Guns), songs that are being considered for the band's sophomore album, which they've been working on since coming off the road for the past couple months. The new songs rock hard, and if anything, I would say that the new material is heavier than what we've heard on Show And Tell. Maybe it was just the energy of the live performance, but that's the impression I got. They were rockin' hard, though.

One thing Walt certainly didn't fail to mention was the irony of Silvertide playing a show at a bar at which the only two rules are 'no smoking' and 'no drinking'. He said they were glad to be playing live, though, since they've been in the studio writing songs for so long.

The closer, Ain't Comin' Home, was especially interesting. At one point, Walt instructed the band to keep the beat going while he left the stage, paraded through the audience, and walked into the back room to take a shot at the billiard table. Then he got up on top of the table and proceeded to hump it ecstatically. Before returning to the stage, he hung out at the back of the audience, and led the chant "I ain't comin' home", at one point even getting the audience to kneel down low to the ground. Once Walt got back to the stage, the band fired into overdrive to close out the show. It was incredible.

After the band left the stage, I got one thing that is so totally awesome that I know I will cherish it for a long time! I asked the stage hand that was cleaning up if I could have one of Nick's guitar pics, and there was a couple left over, so he gave me one, and gave Scott one. They are official Silvertide guitar pics, and they're signed on the back by Nick Perri himself! Awesome!

There weren't a whole lot of people there tonight, but from what I saw, everyone who *was* there had a hell of a time. And if any of them weren't Silvertide fans before tonight, and I know there was at least a few, if not most of them, then for sure they are Silvertide fans now.

I bought another Silvertide t-shirt at the merch table after the show, and got all five members of the band to sign it. Scott got a t-shirt and a copy of the album (Show And Tell) and got them signed. And Marcus, who had a good time, also got a t-shirt to get signed. Then we and a good portion of the audience that saw the show (since there weren't really that many) hung out with the members of the band around Uptown. I got pictures with each of the members of Silvertide, and chatted with most of them.

Among the issues that I had the pleasure of discussing with the band was the length of my hair, my custom torn (and detailed) jeans, the joy of having Silvertide play here at my college, especially when they weren't supposed to be doing live shows, and the fact that I am a physics major though I want to be a guitarist. Walt told me that he was terrible in math - the only subject he did good in was Geometry, and he had a really cool teacher. He also told me that he started out as a drummer, doing Ringo Starr kind of stuff, before he switched to being a rock singer. The whole band was friendly, and Walt especially, considering how crazy and explosive he gets on stage, was reassuringly down-to-earth.

On our way out of Uptown, a couple members of the band were standing outside, and Walt said to me, referring to the fact that I was holding an umbrella, that that was the difference between me doing physics and him being a rock singer - being prepared. Words of wisdom? Or perhaps, words of warning...

P.S. Oh yeah, there's one rather amusing thing I forgot to mention. This would go under the 'amusing antics' portion of the review. During one of the songs (I believe it was Foxhole, which, by the way, Walt said was one of their favorite song to play live), Walt left the stage, grabbed the huge striped bean bag that sits in Uptown, brought it up onto the stage, and sat in it for a bit while singing. Then he got up and climbed up onto a stack of amps and was about to jump into the bean bag, when Nick slinked over and sat in it, while still playing guitar, but thus preventing Walt from making his leap. That was pretty amusing.

P.P.S. As you can see above, I managed to snag an official setlist from the show. But it didn't happen the night of the show. One of the guys working at Uptown that night had found the setlist crumpled up in the dressing room. He also happened to be in the same Metaphysics (philosophy) class that I was in. So about a week after the show, he came up to me after class and asked me if I wanted the setlist, since he knew I was a huge Silvertide fan. That was awesome!

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