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Back in Black (AC/DC)

     E      D          A
e |---------2-2-2x-------------------3p0-------------|
B |---------3-3-3x-----2-2-2x------------3p0---------|
G |--1x-----2-2-2x-----2-2-2x----------------2b4r2p0-|
D |--2x-----0-0-0x-----2-2-2x------------------------|
A |--2x----------------0-0-0x------------------------|
E |--0x----------------------------------------------|

     E      D          A

Notes: To get the right sound, mute the strings with the palm
of your right hand after each chord (where the x's are). If
you have trouble with the pull-offs and the bend, just ignore
them and play the notes separately. It won't sound as good,
but you gotta take one step at a time. Slide your finger
"down" towards the head of the guitar after the last note
(where the back slash is), and then go right back to the start,
with the E chord.