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Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow)

e |--------------------------------|------------------------------| repeat to infinity
B |--------------------------------|------------------------------|
G |---------3---------------5---3--|---------3-----3--------------|
D |---5-3-5-3---5-3---5-3-5-5---3--|---5-3-5-3---5-3---5-3-1------|
A |---5-3-5-----5-3---5-3-5--------|---5-3-5-----5-----5-3-1------|
E |-3------------------------------|-3----------------------------|

Note: This is a good chance to practice playing two and only two strings simultaneously.
      You could finger the notes individually, but it's a lot easier just to squash your
      finger over both notes at once. It'll take some time to get used to, but eventually
      you'll learn the right amount of force and the right kind of stroke it takes to hit
      two strings and no more.