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Trampled Underfoot (Led Zeppelin)

Main Riff
   (a)            (b)
e |--------------|--9--10-------------------|
B |--2-3---------|--10-11---1011------------|
G |--2-3-230---0-|--------------1210--1012--|
D |---------303--|------------------12------|
A |--------------|--------------------------|
E |--------------|--------------------------|

   (a)                   (b)
e |-----66-6------88-8--|-------1111-11---------1313-13---|
B |---------------------|---------------------------------|
G |-5/7-----7-7/9-----9-|-10/12--------12-12/14--------14-|
D |---------------------|---------------------------------|
A |---------------------|---------------------------------|
E |---------------------|---------------------------------|

Tip: I wouldn't actually recommend this riff for beginners.
It's kinda tricky to play the notes as fast as Jimmy Page and
to get them to sound right. But for those who do attempt it,
my advice is to start slow and practice hard. Once you get it,
you'll pretty much have the backbone of the entire song.