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Zharth's Music Log

Week 8: Rockin' Stones

Preface: After a weak of Beatles tunes, I feel sufficiently wussied-out, so to make up for it, the only thing I can do is a week of rockin' Rolling Stones tunes!

Monday (9/10/07): Carol [The Rolling Stones/England's Newest Hitmakers, 1964]
Comments: From the debut album of what would become the Greatest Rock N Roll Band in the World, this Chuck Berry cover shows just one of the band's early influences. "Oh Carol, don't let him steal your heart away."

Tuesday (9/11/07): Get Off Of My Cloud [released as a single, 1965]
Comments: Following the smash hit Satisfaction, still considered to be one of the Stones' greatest tunes, is this less known but still popular rebel rocker. "Don't hang around, cause two's a crowd."

Wednesday (9/12/07): Jumpin' Jack Flash [released as a single, 1968]
Comments: The Stones lash back from their temporary psychedelic haze, showing that they still know what it means to "rawk", without using a lot of snazzy effects. Cross-reference Trivia: Johnny Winter does a smoking cover of this song on his And Live album. "I was born in a crossfire hurricane, and I howled at my ma in the driving rain..."

Thursday (9/13/07): Bitch [Sticky Fingers, 1971]
Comments: One of the more straight-up rockers of the Stones' illustrious middle period, Bitch holds no quarter and tells it like it is. "Love - it's a bitch."

Friday (9/14/07): Rip This Joint [Exile On Main St, 1972]
Comments: From the legendary Exile On Main St album - in which The Rolling Stones accomplish their objective to create authentic American roots music, despite being a British rock band - is the song Rip This Joint, not as well known, but just as rockin' as Rocks Off, the track that kicks off the record. "Rip this joint, gonna save your soul, round and round and round we go."

Saturday (9/15/07): You Got Me Rocking [Voodoo Lounge, 1994]
Comments: This song is one of the standout tracks from the Stones' post-70's catalog, and stands up to any song in their repertoire in terms of down and dirty rocking. "Hey, hey, you got me rocking now."

Sunday (9/16/07): Rough Justice [A Bigger Bang, 2005]
Comments: The Stones' make an impressive comeback in the new millenium with A Bigger Bang, proving that it's not the age that matters - it's the attitude! The opening track and hit single Rough Justice is just like it sounds. "It's rough justice, but you know I'll never break your heart."