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Week 14: Atmosfear

Preface: Samhain approaches, and the atmosphere becomes spookier, as the veil which seperates the living world from that of the dead begins to thin. The Hunter's Moon, also known as the Blood Moon, rises bright and full on Friday night. Be extra wary of lycanthropes on the prowl this weekend. All this week we'll listen to some more atmospheric tracks, to reflect the mood. So dim the lights, light some candles, and drift away.

Monday (10/22/07): The Yardbirds - Glimpses [Cumular Limit, recorded 1967]
Comments: The Yardbirds covered a lot of ground for the relatively short period they existed in the mid-60's. Although they're better known for the talent they spawned (Eric Clapton in Cream, Jeff Beck in his Group, and Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin), they are not to be passed over. From the blueswailing rave-ups of Clapton's tenure, to the rock evolution of Beck's contributions, to the shaky and experimental period with Page, not too far removed from early Zep's live shows, the Yardbirds always had something to offer. Glimpses is an experimental track from the later days of the band, with Jimmy Page on board. "Time is but a cumular limit, with which one glimpse can overcome."

Tuesday (10/23/07): King Crimson - Mars (Live) [Fillmore West, 1969]
Comments: From a live concert in 1969, King Crimson's original lineup lends their sound to the Mars section of Gustav Holst's Planets Suite. The result is a slow and gradual crescendo which builds up to an epic climax. Mars, named after the God of War, has been known in the sci-fi realm to harbor lifeforms antagonistic towards Earth. Watch the skies.

Wednesday (10/24/07): Tangerine Dream - Ultima Thule Part 1 / Part 2 [released as a single, 1972]
Comments: In the early seventies, young Tangerine Dream explored instrumental space rock soundscapes not unlike some of Pink Floyd's more experimental early recordings. Ultima Thule is a two part single that captures the essence of this sound rather well for its short length, in comparison to Tangerine Dream's many longer album tracks. The first part rocks hard, while the second part takes a more laidback approach.

Thursday (10/25/07): Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (Live) [Live At Pompeii, 1972]
Comments: This is one of my favorite early Floyd tracks, and the live version trumps the studio cut. The band's instrumental experimentation just fuels the imagination. The best part is the vocals at the end, featuring Dave Gilmour and Rick Wright harmonizing, I believe. They may have moved on to more coherent pieces later on, but the seemingly aimless experimental period of Pink Floyd is particularly inspiring to me.

Friday (10/26/07): Jefferson Airplane - Thing (Live) [Live At The Fillmore East, 1968]
Comments: Psychedelic San Francisco band Jefferson Airplane soars through inner space on this moody instrumental piece.

Saturday (10/27/07): Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (Live) [King Biscuit Flower Hour, 1977]
Comments: Robin Trower's most popular song, and sadly, the only Robin Trower song most non-dedicated Trower fans know of, and that's for the lucky rare few who even know of Trower. Anyhow, the live version of the song allows Robin Trower to stretch out and reach the loftier heights of the stratosphere (and quite beyond that, too).

Sunday (10/28/07): The Doors - The End (Live) [Live in Detroit, 1970]
Comments: Jim Morrison gets loose on this live version of The Doors' nihilistic epic The End. Listen for the excerpts from The Ghost Song and The Celebration Of The Lizard.