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Zharth's Music Log

Week 16: Extraterrestrial Voyage

Preface: While the realm of the spooky is still on our minds, we'll take a week to travel out beyond the stars and explore some of the interesting rock out in the vast reaches of infinite space. We might even meet some travellers along the way.

Monday (11/05/07): Ten Years After - Here They Come [A Space In Time, 1971]
Comments: This eerily subdued track hails from Ten Years After's most popular album, A Space In Time. For the start of the journey, we might as well let them come to us, and show us the way to the beyond.

Tuesday (11/06/07): Robin Trower - For Earth Below [For Earth Below, 1975]
Comments: The title track to Robin Trower's followup to their most popular album (Bridge of Sighs), a phenomenal album in its own right. As we ascend into the skies above, don't forget to take a look at the beautiful blue planet below us, our Mother Earth.

Wednesday (11/07/07): Captain Beyond - I Can't Feel Nothing/As The Moon Speaks (Suite) [Captain Beyond, 1972]
Comments: Here is the closing suite from Captain Beyond's phenomenal self-titled album, including I Can't Feel Nothing Pt 1, As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea), Astral Lady, As The Moon Speaks (Return), and I Can't Feel Nothing Pt 2. As we pass the moon, take a moment to reflect on the profound effect the moon's gravitational pull has in creating the tides of Earth's oceans. Even vast distances, separated by empty space, cannot isolate one from the effects of the myriad inhabitants of the universe. We are never truly alone.

Thursday (11/08/07): Jimi Hendrix Experience - Third Stone From The Sun [Are You Experienced?, 1967]
Comments: As we leave the terrestrial astro-sphere, we find our place within the solar system. In the direction of our father the Sun there are two other planets, Venus, and Mercury. But our travels will take us outward along the spokes of this astronomical wheel of gravity, to the outskirts of infinity. And beyond that, too.

Friday (11/09/07): Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (Live) [Ummagumma, 1969]
Comments: We zoom past the planetary court on our way to the borderlands of the solar system. With the sun at our backs, we pass Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the outcast Pluto. Many planets, and many moons. Could one of them possibly harbor life? Or are the conditions too harsh? There are many things in this universe we have yet to understand.

Saturday (11/10/07): Yes - Starship Trooper [The Yes Album, 1971]
Comments: As we cross the boundary of the solar system, a band of astral travellers flags us down to satisfy their curiosity. It's a host of starship troopers, patrolling the gateway to the interstellar medium. They are clearly members of a highly evolved race, as the strange arrangement of their words forsakes immediate understanding for a deeper, more intuitive sense of wisdom. They bid us well as we push off into the deep expanses of the void.

Sunday (11/11/07): Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri [Alpha Centauri, 1971]
Comments: It's gonna be a lo-o-ong voyage to Alpha Centauri, even though it's the closest star system to our own. So put on some Tangerine Dream and ease yourself into the cryo-chamber. When you wake, you will be light-years away from home. What indescribable wonders will you discover there? You cannot possibly know. Be sure to tell my descendants all about it when you finally get back home!