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Week 18: Feast

Preface: The key element to Thanksgiving is the feast, so this week we'll celebrate food! Sit down, unbutton your pants, and gorge!

Monday (11/19/07): Black Sabbath - Cornucopia [Vol 4, 1972]
Comments: The cornucopia, or 'horn of plenty', and its abundance of food, has long been associated with Thanksgiving. Black Sabbath's song may be completely unrelated - frankly, I can't tell - but at any rate, it's the thought that counts.

Tuesday (11/20/07): Bloomfield & Kooper - Green Onions (Live) [The Live Adventures Of, 1968]
Comments: Green Onions was first recorded as a simple but smokin' instrumental by Booker T. & The MG's, although the main riff bears a heavy resemblance to that of an old blues song named Help Me, by Sonny Boy Williamson. Here, blues guitar virtuoso Michael Bloomfield jams with organ-player Al Kooper on the popular instrumental, from the live album to complement the duo's monumental Super Session.

Wednesday (11/21/07): Neil Young & Crazy Horse - T-Bone [, 1981]
Comments: Got mashed potatoes...ain't got no t-bone. I think this song speaks for itself. Neil Young & Crazy Horse doin' what they do best. Is Thanksgiving really tomorrow?

Thursday (11/22/07): REO Speedwagon - Flying Turkey Trot (Live) [Live/You Get What You Play For, 1977]
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey and assorted foodstuffs! But beware the mortal sin of gluttony...

Well, since this is the "festival of plenty", here's a second song. In the spirit of the holiday, Led Zeppelin's Thank You, in a rich, heavy live version, recorded in 1971, from their BBC Sessions. Have a tasty Turkey Day!

Friday (11/23/07): Led Zeppelin - Custard Pie [Physical Graffiti, 1975]
Comments: Led Zeppelin orders up dessert with this rocking opening track from the mid-seventies double album, Physical Graffiti. If you want a piece, you better act fast, because everybody wants a slice.

Saturday (11/24/07): Barry Goldberg & Friends - A Taste of Honey (Organ Serenade) [Recorded Live, 1976]
Comments: Harvey Mandel adds his sublime, coiling snake-like licks to Barry Goldberg's organ on this tasty jam from a mostly forgotten incendiary live blues rock LP from the mid-seventies, featuring on other tracks another of the forgotten greats of blues guitar - Michael Bloomfield. But on this track, it is Harvey Mandel who takes the lead.

Sunday (11/25/07): Joe Bonamassa - Left Overs [Blues Deluxe, 2003]
Comments: Joe Bonamassa finishes up the leftovers as our Thanksgiving feast week comes to a close. Hope you had an enjoyable week of unrestrained gluttony!