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Zharth's Music Log

Week 19: Sweets

Preface: We're gonna ease off gluttony week by stuffing our mouths full of yummy sweets! Check out a bunch of more-or-less candy-related songs this week!

Monday (11/26/07): Led Zeppelin - Candy Store Rock [Presence, 1976]
Comments: A rather light topic for Zeppelin's heavy-handed Presence album. I suppose it's part of that duality the band is so fond of. Like a bull in a china shop - but it works.

Tuesday (11/27/07): Pink Floyd - Candy And A Currant Bun [B-side to Arnold Layne single, released 1967]
Comments: Slide back into the sexy and seductive signals of the psychedelic sixties with this sugary snack of a single sent by Syd Barrett and The Pink Floyd Sound. Satisfied?

Wednesday (11/28/07): Grand Funk Railroad - Black Licorice (Live) [Caught In The Act, 1975]
Comments: I've never been a huge fan of licorice, black or red. It's hard, chewy, and the taste leaves something to be desired. Still, Grand Funk Railroad knows how to pound out a good hard rocker. And they're probably not referring to candy, anyway.

Thursday (11/29/07): Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cinnamon Girl [Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, 1969]
Comments: A classic rocker from one of the rockingest backing bands that never gets credited. Crazy Horse, that is, and this is the first track on their first album playing behind Neil Young. This album is also one of my favorite albums of all time.

Friday (11/30/07): Fleetwood Mac - Sugar Mama [Blues Jam In Chicago, 1969]
Comments: From their multi-star Chicago jam, Fleetwood Mac, with Peter Green at the helm, slice into this saccharine blues classic.

Saturday (12/01/07): Freddie King - Sugar Sweet [Burglar, 1974]
Comments: Speaking of saccharine blues, here's Freddie King playin' Sugar Sweet. If B.B.'s the only King of the blues you've heard, then it's time for an education.

Sunday (12/02/07): Johnny Winter - Sugar Coated Love [I'm A Bluesman, 2004]
Comments: Albino bluesman Johnny Winter is still alive and considerably well in the new millenium, groovin' to yet another, and the last of this week, saccharine blues.