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Week 20: Have A Drink On Me

Preface: After a week of feasting, followed by a week of sugary sweets, we're gonna need a week to wash it all down with a selection of [mostly] tasty beverages. Take your pick, it's on me.

Monday (12/03/07): The Who - Water (Live) [recorded live in 1971]
Comments: We'll start off nice and sample, with a plain old glass of water. Nonthreatening, but refreshing. One of the things our bodies need the most. We need water...and maybe somebody's daughter.

Tuesday (12/04/07): The Yardbirds - Drinking Muddy Water [Little Games, 1967]
Comments: This is not the first time The Yardbirds took a classic blues riff and turned it into a whole new song. At least in this case, drinking muddy water out of a hollow log doesn't sound quite so bad.

Wednesday (12/05/07): The Amboy Dukes - Scottish Tea [Journey To The Center Of The Mind, 1968]
Comments: Enjoy your Scottish Tea with wildman Ted Nugent from back in the days when he was in a psychedelic band. Can you believe it? Maybe the tea was spiked with acid...

Thursday (12/06/07): Johnny Winter - Iodine In My Coffee [Guitar Slinger, 1984]
Comments: From Johnny Winter's Alligator repertoire, recorded in the 80's. Not as flashy or as attention-grabbing as his earlier material, but still possessing a fire, and if anything, a more deeply entrenched and genuine blues sound. Here's a tip: don't mess with the person who mixes your drinks.

Friday (12/07/07): Cream - Sweet Wine [BBC Sessions, recorded 1966]
Comments: Cream check into the BBC to record some tracks early in their career. Here's Sweet Wine, with a rich and flavorful solo by an Eric Clapton who had payed his respects to the blues and was just beginning to expand into new directions.

Saturday (12/08/07): Procol Harum - Whiskey Train [Home, 1970]
Comments: Procol Harum churn out one of their best rockers, with guitarist Robin Trower on the verge of coming into his own. Be mindful of your drinking habits, 'cause once you hop on the whiskey train, it's a wild ride.

Sunday (12/09/07): The Eagles - Tequila Sunrise [Desperado, 1973]
Comments: The Eagles mellow the mood to close out the week, with a Tequila Sunrise for Sunday. I hope you found something good to drink this week.