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Week 24: Jam

Preface: We're gonna ease into the New Year with some Jam songs, and a few Jelly songs, for those with a preference. I don't think there'll be any preserves, though.

Monday (12/31/07): Moby Grape - Boysenberry Jam / Black Currant Jam / Marmalade [Grape Jam, 1968]
Comments: New Years Special Three-In-One! Moby Grape brought in Michael Bloomfield to assist in their Grape Jam mini-project, although to this day, I'm not sure how much of the guitar work can be credited to Bloomfield, or if he even played guitar - it's possible he only played piano during the jam. But it doesn't really matter who's playing what, because the important thing is that these jam tracks rock. Have a listen.

Tuesday (1/01/08): Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Strawberry Jam [Strawberry Jam (Live), 1966-1968]
Comments: Paul Butterfield harps his way through this extended live jam, proving that his band was more than just Bloomfield's smoldering licks - after all, it was never the Bloomfield Blues Band.

Wednesday (1/02/08): Ten Years After - Uncle Jam [A Space In Time, 1971]
Comments: On their most popular album, Ten Years After's Alvin Lee gets back to his jazz influences on this quirky little jam that closes out the album.

Thursday (1/03/08): Jimi Hendrix - Jam 292 [Blues]
Comments: Another outstanding jam by Jimi Hendrix from the Blues collection. Seriously, Blues contains pound-for-pound Jimi's best playing anywhere.

Friday (1/04/08): Bloomfield & Friends - Sweet Little Angel/Jelly Jelly [Live At The Old Waldorf (Live), 1976-1977]
Comments: Kicking off the jelly set is one of the greater tracks from Bloomfield's somewhat spotty later career. The first half is a classic B.B. King tune.

Saturday (1/05/08): The Blues Project - Jelly, Jelly Blues (Live) [Anthology, 1964-1972]
Comments: While Bloomfield was playing with Butterfield, future Super Session collaborator Al Kooper was playing with the Blues Project. Here's their rendition of Jelly, Jelly Blues.

Sunday (1/06/08): Joe Bonamassa - Jelly Roll [Sloe Gin, 2007]
Comments: Joe Bonamassa closes out the jelly theme with a nice little ode to the jelly roll baker. Wouldn't you love to have a jelly roll right about now?