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Week 35: Holy Week

Preface: Holy Week is upon us - a little early this year, but no less for it. I'm not really a Christian, but there's no harm in taking some time to play a few songs with something of a religious bent. So that's what we'll do this week. It's less the details of your faith, than the conviction that matters - at least when it comes to writing a song, I think.

Monday (3/17/08): Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy [Physical Graffiti, 1975]
Comments: We'll start with the sort of catch-all Houses of the Holy, which may or may not actually be about anything holy. If you do practice the faith, chances are you'll have some dealings in one of the houses of the holy this week. "Let the music be your master - will you heed the master's call?"

Tuesday (3/18/08): Blind Faith - Presence of the Lord [Blind Faith, 1969]
Comments: Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood team up in this one-off supergroup and prove with a single album that rock and religion don't have to be at cross-purposes. Satan will always be cooler in the rock realm, but this album does its best to even the score in style. "I have finally found a place to live, in the presence of the Lord."

Wednesday (3/19/08): The Stills-Young Band - Guardian Angel [Long May You Run, 1976]
Comments: Old friends/rivals Stephen Stills and Neil Young pair up (minus Crosby and Nash) for an album. I like the idea of guardian angels, that every person has their own individual divine presence watching over them, taking care of them, keeping them company. But in reality, it's just a convenient fantasy. "When there's no more time, and nothin' left to do, who will hear you? Who will hear your heart?"

Thursday (3/20/08): Eric Clapton - Sinner's Prayer [From The Cradle, 1994]
Comments: Eric Clapton wails the blues and exorcises his demons on this great album from his later career. On this particular track, the one called "God" in his youth by some fans makes his plea to the Lord to forgive him for his sins. Have you sinned lately? "If I've done somebody wrong, Lord have mercy on me please."

Friday (3/21/08): Peter Green - Apostle [In The Skies, 1979]
Comments: An introspective instrumental from Peter Green's late-70's comeback, after ditching Fleetwood Mac at the turn of the decade and then spending the majority of the 70's in obscurity, in and out of mental institutions, where he received shock therapy. Unfortunately, this brief period of resurgence did not mark the end of his trials...

Saturday (3/22/08): Roy Buchanan - The Messiah Will Come Again (Live) [American Axe, 1974]
Comments: The best guitarist you never heard plays his magnum opus. Beginning with a spoken part over some eerie organ chords, Roy professes the depth of his faith, and then launches into a beautifully emotive guitar solo typical of his unequaled, expressive style. "Just a smile, just a glance, the Prince of Darkness, he just walked past..."

Sunday (3/23/08): Pink Floyd - Coming Back To Life [The Division Bell, 1994]
Comments: Pink Floyd shall do honors to the Resurrection on this music log, with a thoughtful track from their final album, The Division Bell. On this track, David Gilmour paints a gentle landscape with his relaxed licks and echo-y vocals, before the song picks up into a more substantial rhythm. "I knew the moment had come for killing the past and coming back to life."