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Zharth's Music Log

Week 52: The End

Preface: This week concludes the full year for Zharth's Music Log, and is thus the final week. It's been fun, but I'm ready to allocate the time and effort I put into this daily log to other projects. Fear not, though this is the end, it can also be viewed as a new beginning, for death is merely a symbol of change. If you stick around the site, I'm sure I'll have other music-related goodies for you in the future!

Monday (7/14/08): Procol Harum - About To Die [Home, 1970]
Comments: One of the last Procol Harum albums to feature Robin Trower on guitar, Home is fascinating in that it consists almost entirely of songs related to death. This particular track has an ominous feel to it and the opening for some reason just feels great to me. It completely takes me back to the time I first purchased and listened to this album. Which I'd love to say was all the way back in 1970, but in reality, I think it was only last fall...

Tuesday (7/15/08): Michael Bloomfield - Death In My Family [If You Love These Blues, Play 'Em As You Please, 1976]
Comments: One last track by Michael Bloomfield for the log, from Bloomfield's blues tribute album If You Love These Blues..., in which he played a bunch of blues tracks in different styles based on all his favorite blues influences.

Wednesday (7/16/08): Country Joe & The Fish - Death Sound Blues [Electric Music For The Mind And Body, 1967]
Comments: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Electric Music For The Mind And Body is one of the quintessential psychedelic albums of the sixties. If the only context you have for Country Joe is him doing "the Fish cheer" at Woodstock - which, granted, is pretty cool - do yourself a favor and listen to some of the great electric music he was a part of, as on this track.

Thursday (7/17/08): Ted Nugent - Death By Misadventure [Cat Scratch Fever, 1977]
Comments: If you're thinking about going out with a bang, you might want to consider death by misadventure. Sure, it's not the most honorable way to go, but it certainly makes an impression.

Friday (7/18/08): Robin Trower - End Game [B.L.T., 1981]
Comments: If I feature Robin Trower twice in the final week of this log, it's only because I'm such a huge fan of his music. This track comes from the album B.L.T., which combined Trower's guitar with Jack Bruce's bass and vocals. It's sort of like listening to Cream in an alternate universe where Robin Trower has taken the place of Eric Clapton!

Saturday (7/19/08): Frijid Pink - End of the Line [Frijid Pink, 1970]
Comments: We're coming to the end of the line here, as this track by forgotten fuzz band Frijid Pink demonstrates. Soon this log will be over, and you won't have another song to listen to every day - so enjoy it while it lasts!

Sunday (7/20/08): The Doors - The End [The Doors, 1967]
Comments: This is it - the end. To the very appropriate tune of Jim Morrison's nihilistic opus, The End. Hope you had a good time this past year, discovering new old music day by day!