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WARNING: The thematic content of this album has been rated R (for 'Real') by the Zharth Board of Truth over Censorship. If you are easily offended by the natural processes of the world, then I Recommend you lock yourself away in a hut somewhere and stop trying to 'protect' other people from the issues you are unwilling to face. Otherwise, please continue.

TitleClear As Mud
01 Clear As Mud 2:14 ***** info mp3
02 The Jabberwocky Suite
...River Of Fire
...When My Blood Flows Like Crimson
10:40 **** info mp3
03 Death Is A Stone Cold Groove 3:19 ***** info mp3
04 Don't Tell Me You Know How It Feels
Cause I Really Don't Think That You Know How It Feels
2:27 **** info mp3
05 The Voyage Of Haldir And Egon 1:50 **** info mp3
06 Devil's Hold (Sweet Relief) 3:24 **** info mp3
07 Sitting Beside My Window 6:04 *** info mp3
08 Stumbling Through An Opaque Fog 7:01 **** info mp3
09 Doppelganger 3:45 ***** info mp3
10 Shattered Illusions ?:?? *** info mp3
11 Black Leather ?:?? ** info mp3
12 Walkin' The Dog ?:?? *** info mp3
13 Scurry 1:19 *****   mp3
14 ECT 8:23 **** info mp3
15 Should I Ask Her?
...(The Gathering Storm, Breakout, Arrival, Below,
... Five-O, One Note, Descent, Six-Eight, Flutter,
... Melodies, Flutter (Reprise), Angel Cry, Footsteps,
... Shaking, ?, Chords, ?, Heartbreak, The Crawl,
... Quickdraw, Ballin', Illusion)
9:21 **** info mp3
00 Bonus - Rummaging For Raptors 1:05     mp3
Total Time: 60:52 59/75   -zip-

[Note: The stars in the right column denote how far along (on a scale of 1 to 5) the song is in the process of being written/recorded for the album.]

* - song is not yet written
** - song is started, but far from completion
*** - song is nearly complete, but needs to be finished
**** - song is complete, but needs to be recorded
***** - song is recorded and ready

Liner Notes:

"This project is not about me as a musician, playing the kind of music I want to play, because frankly, I'm not at that stage yet. What this is, well, it's actually two things. On the one hand, it's a chance to sort of finalize a bunch of stuff that I've written, so I can lay it down and move ahead. And on the other hand, it's a bit of an experimentation, or better yet, a declaration. No, it's just a test. Or a confirmation of a fact I've come to realize. In simple terms, it's an expression of the frustration of inefficient communication. In this case, the specific type of communication involved with trying to express thoughts and feelings in the language of music. Unfortunately, as with most things in my life, the execution will pale in comparison to the ambition of the project, but in this case, that's precisely the point. What happens when you have something so profound that you want to express, but you have no idea how to express it, or even if you can think of a way, you don't have the means to pull it off? And then that explosion of euphoria kind of gets stopped up inside of you, and it turns into an explosion of frustration. It's like the most beautiful soul you've ever known, being trapped inside of an ugly, clumsy, retarded, otherwise completely useless human being. Perhaps frustrating to look at, to think about, but you can't even imagine how frustrating it is to be that person. Well, that's my album. And unfortunately, I'm afraid that that very message just won't be effectively conveyed in the music contained, but in that way, it will be very true to my life. And that's what makes it mine."

"I don't care if anyone recognizes anything in the things I accomplish. I do these sorts of things because I have something inside of me that I feel like I have to get out somehow. If I don't get it out, I will have failed. Now, whether or not anybody else sees these things the same way that I see them, I couldn't care less. Of course, I do believe that popularity is generally a bad thing, and does not reflect quality of any sort. But beyond that, if my accomplishments (if I do ever accomplish anything worthwhile) become recognized long after I'm gone, I won't mind that I wasn't around to see that happen. Because to me, the thing that matters is getting it outside of me. Civilization can take as long as they have to figure out how important it is, but the one part I have to play is putting it in a form that will outlive my own mortal life. It's like I was born with this thing that I have to get out of me, and if I die with it, I'll have failed. Of course, even to me, that sounds pretty conceited, but to be honest, I don't care if what I have changes the world or what. If there's just one person, from now until the end of time, that can look upon what I am or what I was, and see it with the same kind of appreciation as I see it, then that's all I could ever ask for. Just one soul. That's all it takes. But it has to be complete. One complete soul is everything, and a few billion partial souls is worthless to me. That's the kind of conviction I believe in. But I guess this is all pretty pointless right now. I just wanted to give you an example of the way I think."

"It'll be basic, like everything on this album - it's just what a man can do with a couple guitars and some primitive recording equipment. But I'm hoping the meaning will shine through."

"I was experimenting with minors a lot back then. I was obsessed with them. It's just such a beautifully morbid way of expressing my love."

Electric: 'The Jabberwock' (New York Pro Les Paul), w/Fender 15 Watt Amp
Electric: 'Meddle' (Austin Strat), w/Fender 15 Watt Amp
Acoustic: 'Rhapsody' (Yamaha Hollow-Body Acoustic)